Time Marches On

   In the past month, I haven't been reading too much other than finishing Nowhere Near You by Leah Thomas, and attempting to read Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood. I've kind of lost my motivation for reading the past couple of months, but it always comes and goes. One month, I'll always be found with my nose in a book, and the next month, it's like I've never held one. I'm sure I'll be back to reading this summer, there are a few books I've been looking forward to. I might sign up for the local library's summer reading program. Those are fun.

   I'll admit, Cat's Eye is a difficult book to read. It's not especially interesting in the first chapters, and it really makes you think about life. The book is told from the perspective of a middle-aged woman, who returns to Toronto to reflect on her childhood and the people that she spent time with in her childhood.

   One of the common themes that I've noticed is the reflection of her current age and the reflection of her childhood are somewhat somber. She talks about her childhood as any nostalgic person would, but there's not a nostalgic tone about it. When she's thinking about her current age, she talks in such a tone that's accepting of the fact that she's getting older, but also a little saddened by it. 

   The theme of time and aging is very prominent, and Elaine is always talking about the passing of time, and how, as you get older, you start to become more vain, noticing how much older you're looking, how you can't always pull off the dresses you used to. In the book, when Elaine is trying on dresses, she says  "What I'd like to be is transformed, which becomes less possible. Disguise is easier when you're young"(48) And I definitely agree. I think that at 14, you can dress however you like, try on makeup for the first time, and make yourself look completely different. When you're younger, you go through awkward stages. One week you'll be goth, the next you'll be a vegan, and then all your clothes are neon and you dance at the most random times. And it's easier when you're younger because you don't have to be this certain person. People won't judge you like they would if you were older. When you're older, you want to impress your friends, you want to appear more sophisticated in front of your co-workers, in front of your boss, your family. There's this certain level of sophistication that you have to uphold, or you're an outcast, that weirdo with 7 cat's who lives on the corner. And this is all due to this social stigma around being a certain age, how you're supposed to know what you're doing with your life as time keeps marching on. But no one really knows, now do they?